Hi, I’m Mia ~ artist, creativity coach and hypnotherapist

I help individuals to gain clarity and a stronger sense of ownership about their life.


I specialise in creative methods that unlock your hidden subconscious resources so you can feel at ease, inspired and confident about the future.

My exploration into artistic expression and creative process began early on in life. I went through countless packs of pens and crayons while sitting at the kitchen table in my grandmother’s house, waiting for her to finish her chores. Later, making things with my hands and exploring the realms of imagination, became central to my learning of how to regulate my internal space in an unstable environment. Selecting and combining materials remains my metaphor for choosing how one creates one’s own life.

Over the years I have explored various mediums in the field of visual arts, exhibiting in several countries and winning some awards along the way. My current creative work revolves around metal-free natural crystal jewellery.

My special interest has always been about the creative process as a pathway to personal transformation. Whilst I continuously explore my own creative flow in the art studio, it is a special kind of art to guide another person to harness the power of their imagination to rapidly transform their life.

There is great benefit in choosing how to use the power of your subconscious mind, and involving that ability in a structured way to create what you want in life. Because, if what you imagine doesn’t help you, you can train your brain to imagine something different, can’t you?

I’m endlessly curious about how the process of inner transformation leads to outer change, and wish to support you in creating your artful life the way that makes you shine.”

Mia’s career spans 30 years from degrees in art pedagogy and book arts, through exhibiting her works in galleries worldwide, to managing her own jewellery studio for the past decade. She has taught numerous creativity workshops since 1998 in the UK, Finland and the UAE, as well as mentored other artists and those wanting to expand their skills.

Delving further into how the mind works and creates experience, also led Mia to study holistic health and various complementary modalities, including hypnotherapy. She is a certified, UK-registered consulting hypnotist, and maintains a keen interest in practical applications of neuroscience to create rapid improvements in people’s lives.

Originally from Finland, Mia moved to the UK in 1993 with the intention of staying for one year. She now lives in a Victorian turret in Derbyshire England with her husband, two children and Beanie the dog.

“You have what it takes. I’ll help you get there.”

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