IEMT ~ Integral Eye Movement Technique

What if you could neutralise the effect of hurtful emotions and bad memories in your life?

IEMT is suitable for you if you don’t suffer from any eye conditions. Whilst not a cure or specific solution to any problem, this modality can be used to effectively explore various problematic issues in your life and in many cases, provide relief.

With IEMT, we can explore issues at the level of identity, behaviour and emotions. We can work together to help you take action, find clarity, adapt to life circumstances, develop new behaviours and strengthen healthy boundaries.


Releasing the impact of intrusive memories and emotions

Something happened in your life that created an emotional response within you. Whether a one-time event with a sudden, deep impact, or an ongoing situation that shaped you in ways that you might not even be fully aware of. In each case, you learned to respond in some way – and now your body and your nervous system respond to those triggers in ways that can feel automated and out of your control. This is emotional imprinting.

The Integral Eye Movement Technique is applied to areas of neurological imprints – specifically, emotional imprints and imprints of identity. A number of neurological phenomena occur during the eye movements at the point when the problematic imagery in one’s mind changes its emotional coding. Whatever the issue was, ceases to affect you. You can feel calm and free again.

How to go about recoding these emotional imprints? Get in touch with me.

IEMT can address negative and unwanted emotions, undesired identity traits and past traumas.

This method can be an excellent remedial tool for emotional change and a generative tool for developing your identity.

Depotentiating the emotional charge from memories of negative experience.

Updating emotional response set from immature and maladaptive to mature and adaptive.

Aligning identity expression (persona) with core (true) identity.

Eliminating patterns of chronicity to create adaptive change.

Current eye conditions are a contraindication for IEMT. If in doubt, please consult your medical provider.


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