Why mind coaching?

Because your imagination is your super power.

Life can sometimes seem to keep us from our best creative flow.

Mind coaching is effective and a relatively rapid method to clear obstacles from your way to creative fulfilment.

Many of my coaching methods involve collaborative hypnosis. Meaning that I will teach you how to achieve enjoyable trance states and use them to benefit your creative lie. Hypnotherapy has a solid scientific evidence base, and can be artfully applied to your individual issue so you can progress your creative work with newly found ease. The experience of hypnosis can be likened to the creative ‘Flow’ state that many artists regularly enter.


Harness your subconscious creative resources

You have learned to use your imagination well – it is the basis of your work. When your creativity isn’t flowing the way you’d prefer, if you feel stuck or blocked, that’s also your imagination at work – but instead of you using your imagination, your imagination is using you. I can help you discover the specific ways of how this is happening, and show you what to do about it.

For example – do you ever worry about anything? Worry can be seen as one type of misuse of the imagination. But to be clear, my methods do not involve prompts to ‘positive thinking’ to counteract doubts and worries. Instead, we’ll work collaboratively with methods that train your brain to engage in more beneficial patterns, freeing you to do your creative work the way that feels inspiring, natural and uplifting.

There is great benefit in exploring new, different ways to use your imagination, to harness the creative resources of your subconscious mind, so that you’ll learn to use this miraculous power tool of yours even better than your have so far!

But how to go about it? Get in touch with me.

In mind coaching you learn to develop a special kind of focus within your inner awareness ~ a natural mind space which you can utilise to make beneficial changes in your personal patterns to rapidly improve your life.

A few words about collaborative hypnosis:
In the exercises I guide you through, you won’t lose control nor consciousness. You’ll hear what I say and can afterwards recall what happened during the session. Your conscious mind can decide at any point to bring you out of the experience.

When we engage in collaborative hypno exercises, it is simply deeply calming and centering. You always maintain your free will, personality, personal power and moral standards.

If you haven’t been able to resolve your issue by logical thinking and willpower, you could be described as having accidentally created a hypnotic trance for yourself. In collaborative hypnosis we’ll unravel such unhelpful patterns and you’ll learn to train your nervous system to choose better patterns in thinking, behaving and acting.

Deliberately entering a hypnotic experience usually does not work for those who are scared of it or don’t want it. Yet there is nothing to fear: if you’ve ever been “in the zone” enjoying something that afterwards felt like a much shorter time, then you’ve already had a hypnotic experience. Nearly everyone can learn to enter this enjoyable state deliberately when guided by a skilled hypnotist.

Do note that there are a few contraindications to hypnotherapy: if you suffer from psychosis or have a certain diagnosis such as a pathological personality disorder, hypnotherapy is not advised. If in doubt, please consult your medical provider.


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